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So, earlier today was round a mates playing DKO. Get to the final and have crazy speed up lag to do is over so end up losing 3-2. Was literally fine then suddenly 100mph over and over again. Honestly, guy we was playing was garbage otherwise we'd have been buried.

I then get dragged home by my lass and stick it on at home, few too many maybe, but anyway. Easy win in first round, tough game in QF, then an absolutely epic game in the semis, trading goal for goal until finally I manage to edge ahead 5-3 with 15 to go. You can guess what happens next...... Unresponsive and then Lost connection to EA servers.......

Anyway, today I've finally cracked this game. For my level at least. Started hammering teams in Div 3 and sure fire to get promoted. Smashing AI etc on squad battles. Loving the game again. And then this. Really made me question why I bother. If when I'm finally getting decent the game does me over and I wonder why I bother. Should I just bin it off? I mean, what's the point if you can't even challenge yourself to reach a higher level????

Played every FIFA, bar odd few, always loved the title and accepted it's faults. But I wonder if this is the final straw.


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