Gameplay difference WL / DKT vs divisions

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I’m not a good player but usually gets gold 2/3 in WL , this weekend I could not get direct qualified becouse of Christmas.
I won the DKT on my second attempt.
But I just got relegated from div 5 to 6.
It feels like my opponents are far more better In divisions.
I recall reading that a person played in div 1/2 could not qualify for WL , either he is lying or or my connection/gameplay is different in WL.
Any idea , or maybe tips to perform better in divisions ?


  • riskywhat
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    I honestly don't understand how it works. I'm in Div 1 (finally) and I only get get 23 wins in WL. I know other Div1 players who also regularly finish Gold 2 in WL. And Div 5 players finish Gold 2 as well?

    I rarely win DKT on first attempt, usually takes me 2 or 3 attempts. @i2-TempZ-2i wins DKT first time mostly but finishes Gold 3?

    It makes no sense.....
  • Tommygunn
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    I am usually in WL only play to 18 wins then stop. Last few weeks I haven’t played enough won the dkt in first or second go. Last game of divisions seen me relegated to div 6
  • miri
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    I've never lost in the DKT this year (had to qualify three times due to missing WL weekends) and I've never finished above Gold 2 this year. I'm D1 and stay there comfortably, but it feels much harder than WL for me. It's weird.
  • TurdFerguson
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    Different servers man. I know it sounds weird, but I think divisions servers suits a different type of gameplay.
  • scirocco727
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    Most gameplay in DKT or WL are just awful.
    You can test it from kick off. If your players (suppose not those 82-83 rated junks) can't make a first touch of ball, it means that the connection is suxks, you are prepared to rage quit.
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