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Fahrmann or upgrade to TOTGS Stegen/ Neuer?

335 posts Sunday League Hero
I have 180K
But, is it worth the upgrade? Or just keep Fahrmann?


  • dylanmx
    4427 posts National Call-Up
    Fahrman a beast don't upgrade unless its to de gea or maybe neuer, maybe
  • JoyW
    2470 posts Fans' Favourite
    It’s surely and upgrade is it worth it? If you always win with 4-0 I would say no.

    If it is a lot of times close I would do it. Maybe he can save that shot that keep you in the game
  • Gogs
    497 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Just keep Fährmann! Bought him yesterday and i can confirm there is no need to buy Neuer or totgs ter stegen. I have also enough coins for ter stegen and Neuer but for now i keep Fährmann! Use GK Basic chemistry style on him!
  • Lordhumpe
    335 posts Sunday League Hero
    I have used TOTGS Stegen for 1 week or so, sold with 27K profit today since i couldnt say whos better.

    Will keep Fahrmann, and probably buy Neuer or Stegen if there prices should crash (TOTY)
  • S4vy
    178 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    buy IF/TOTGS Ter Stegen when u can and keep as an investment but play Fahrmann. MAT-S will defo get an upgrade in Jan/Feb so investing sooner rather than later will mean u dont pay an exorbitant amount
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