Will EA learn from bad press in 2017

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2017 was a lot of things for the world, but one thing is was clearly was a bad year for EA. EA is once again synonymous for the worst in AAA gaming. EA had a bad year, mostly from Starwars and Mass Effect, but FIFA came in for some righteous criticism too. People are really getting fed up with micro transactions and there are enough amazing games that an AAA ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is a lot easier to notice and criticize. Most importantly EA got hurt where it counts: the wallet and their stock price! WIll they learn, will they actually make a better FIFA next year? Here are ten critical things they need to do next year to improve FIFA:

1. Make a good World Cup game, not a cash grab FUT add on. The first and easiest thing to do. Copy paste the 2010 game if you have to. That was what a good sports game was and still should be.
2. Admit FIFA has not improved enough this generation and that there are major flaws in gameplay. Ending denial is the hardest thing to do sometimes.
3. Stop lying that you don't get actionable feedback. One of the most infuriating things EA did this past year was the EA people who reacted to FIXFIFA with "whatever do you mean?" and "that's not feedback." You've been given detailed lists for years here on youtube and on reddit and most of it has been ignored.
4. Listen to people who play your games more than bankers who finance them.
5. Respect football. This should be a game that replicates football not a gambling card game.
6. Less automation more user control. I push button actions should be taken, I don't push button, action not taken. Figure it out!
7. Customization is key. One of the worst things about FIFA is they near total lack of the ability to edit and create. Bring back creation centre, let me edit youth players, let me change haircuts and beards.
8. More focus on offline modes. There is a large chuck of the gaming community that hates online and EA has been giving them the short stick.
9. Career Mode must be substantially and fundamentally improved. So many lists, so many things ignored, so many bugs, such an insult to the game of football.
10. Learn to make games fun, not awful. FIFA just hasn't been about fun for a long time when you aren't in control of your man, when so little changes every year when the game is so obviously about addicting kids to gambling, you are doing it wrong.


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    Well said, biggest thing I'd like to see is someone from The actual EA design team on the forums responding to at least respectable threads that offer constructive conversation on the game. This forum at the moment is basically the better alternative to smashing your controller. There used to be someone on here responding to threads but "I heard" they stopped doing it because of all the hate they were getting but as a professional surely they can take it and ignore it and just reply to post's that offer good feedback and debate. Explanations to why they have done things would be nice. an Example being is I'd like the reasoning behind why winning the ball back is all down to strength instead of actually tackling and why it can take up to 3 seconds for your player to respond to pressing the "Tackle" button.

    I agree with the whole copy and paste the 2010 world cup game, What a game. Something that EA deserve immense praise for. Its actually since then the game has gone down hill year after year. The transition from that game to FIFA11 was terrible. 3d crowds where gone, cut scene managers gone, Atmosphere was completely removed.We had Birdseye view stadiums. That game was more advanced than the last 7 titles. Everything that has been introduced the last 7 years was already in that game. The nerves and sense of joy of scoring a 90th minute winner in the world cup semi-final online was pretty amazing. Even down to the boot design quality no fifa can match that game. Its only ever problem was that you could put Di maria at CB for argentina and he was 100x better than any other CB in the game.

    Just like you say with creation centre, It was there , It had potential, So they removed it. Its a common theme, How long will it be before pro clubs is eradicated because of its potential, Unless they can come up with a micro transaction plan for game modes with potential they will ease them out the game. Another thing I'd like to know is how the hell PES are beating them to licenses like the nou camp. Maybe they should spend lest time on marketing and more time on keeping/getting licenses, We know what fifa is, We know when its out every year and we also know that It is likely to be a massive letdown but we still buy it so we don't need an El tornado advert.

    I could go on but anyway your points you make are all right and it would be nice for someone from EA to actually read these kinda threads.
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    They have to want to improve to be willing to admit mistakes and to show respect. All power to them for the loot they make with FUT, but it's time for this company to adjust its attitude and respect gamers and football.
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