This Game is disgustingly Unbalanced and just completely designed inaccurately

The fact that Pace and Physicality are the main attributes to which they decide when looking at players just shows how EA don't understand footbalL at all.

Have you ever wondered why you never come up against players like Harry Kane, Iniesta, Kroos, Fabregas, Ozil, Eriksen, Higuain, busquets etc online especially in the WL ? Harry Kane in real Life is genuinely in the TOP 10 strikers in the world atm yet he is no better than the likes of martial rashford, jesus in this game like how on earth is that possible?

To unlock defenses you need a play maker in your Team and really 1 in the midfield but again in this game you actually don't need players with 80+ passing. I mean if you need further proof this game is broken just look at how everyone would rather use a winger at striker rather than conventional striker.
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