Phantom Penalties?

I'm not talking about dodgy pens here. I'm sure we've all had hundreds of them given against us, particularly in squad battles. I've now had two occasions where it looks like a penalty has been given for literally nothing. Both happened in online games (DKT and WL), so I couldn't pause the game and view the incidents from all angles, and both happened in the first 10 minutes of games so I can't even use the PS4's automatic recording of the last 15 minutes to go back and look.

This is probably coincidence, but it looks like both pens have been given against my Left Back, after a cross from the right. The first time, a ball comes in, my keeper jumps up and catches it, and the ref blows. The replay shows my LB (Danny Rose) just standing in space watching. Nobody near him or the keeper. The second one was another cross, this time, my LB (Ashley Young) is running back towards my own goal, with the opponent striker about a foot behind him. He jumps and nods it behind, making no contact with the striker behind him, and again the ref blows for a pen. The replay shows nothing that even resembles a foul, with the focus on Young heading it out.

Anyone else had anything like this happen? The WL game I got spanked in so didn't really bother me in the end, but it's so annoying to start a game with something like this.
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