Kick off goals - Help

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Average player here with maybe above average team. But I struggle so much against kick off goals. I’ve tried ultra defensive , tried fouling , tried everything.

I’ve even tried getting gud

Any tips on how to stop them? I would probably win twice as many games without this.


  • RandomLhama83
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    press, foul, intercept. Watch how the pros do it. Offside trap is damn near worthless. Just be aggressive.
  • bigpokey24
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    Nope..just spam lb and contain constantly
  • BL86
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    Git gudder at gitting gud
  • BL86
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    In all seriousness, accept it could happen, relax, and close down the space that they want to move into with contain. Yeah I agree with joe666, be aggressive to nip their attack in the bud and stop the momentum
  • Zhyquron
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    I always do PTB, run with an attacker to get the ball and if you have the ball, go back to balanced.
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