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Futmas Pirlo - Assist 3 lobbed balls

66 posts Park Captain
Can this be any game mode? Or is it single matches again?


  • Rutta
    6136 posts Big Money Move
    Singles mate
  • Migz1806
    66 posts Park Captain
    Cheers! Doesnt say on the companion app
  • Jaedric_Kaine
    1756 posts Play-Off Hero
    lol I tried to share the lobs, even named my squad pirlolobshare and still got 3 tryhards before the 4th guy got it. 1 on the try hards even pulled a kickoff pause formation switch. LOL! The state of these people in online singles for gods sake. The 4th match was great tho went to a 10 round penalty before he finally figured out that I was going straight at keeper and then stood to the side and pointed the other way.
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