Chem card for fifa19

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I would like to see a card that can be put on a player to allow the same chem links as an icon in fifa19.
I'm so sick of seeing the same teams and I have no interest in making a hybrid and using someone I don't like just to get chem for the player I really want.
A chem card would allow players from other leagues to be used instead of the prem dribble we see constantly.
Its time the whole chem system had an overall.


  • Williejno1
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    Maybe managers can carry more leagues would be better option
    I personally think the chemistry system needs a good overhaul it’s boring unless u can afford a few icons then u pretty much screwed red lines are annoying
  • truegunn3r
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    Great idea. Everyone can get 11 of those chem cards and play whatever they want. What’s the point of it all then?
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