If i've paid to build a team..

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.. and paid quite a lot, it gives me the ability to win more, depending on my skills, and depending on my skills only.

If I pay though and the above is different, i.e. I can win more but don't. Not because of my skills, but, because of a script put in the game to deliberately reduce my chances of winning, and that script is there by purpose.

I pay and what I expect, as advertised, isn't provided because a balancing script decides my potential to win a match.

So, basically, when I pay for better players, I'm actually not getting that. Why? Because, no matter how good a team I pay to build my team is ultimately at the mercy of a script deliberately programmed in to the game that helps limit my teams effectiveness.

I'm basically gambling? No?

If I'm gambling and the system is designed to affect the outcome to deter my team from a win, isn't that illegal?



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