FIFA 18 - Penalty Bloopers Compilation

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Conceded this shocker yesterday in the fairest of all game modes - squad battles...

I appreciate that Berezuitsky is one hard bar stool but I hope this is sent on to EA HQ and Lacazette gets retrospective punishment for diving.

Feel free to add your howlers or any stone-wall pens that weren't given.


  • Stkyfngz
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    My CR7 got flipped in mid air and fell on his neck after a tackle.

    He would've been dead if that happened in real life.

    Nope, no penalty. And yes this was SB as well Lmao.
  • caedite
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    I have had that exact penalty given against me twice now in SB. In one of those games, I went down the other end and got taken out from behind with what would be a red card tackle every time - nothing given. Don't have the recordings now, but it happens so often. Shocking.
  • SSgtBlunder
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    No sooner as I moan about the pen decision above, I get two stone-wallers not given for me in my next two games:

    Clip 1 - Promes taken clean out (before defender touches the ball)

    Clip 2 - Insigne clattered by the keeper (while the ball was still loose and would of been a simple tap in if he had jumped over him).

    Both would be clear pens in real life :-(

  • SSgtBlunder
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    EA decided to wish me a Merry Xmas by giving this penalty against me tonight.

    Yep, it's Allan, my number 23, who 'conceded' the pen. The player who gets kicked by the attacker....

    EA - Merry Xmas. Hope all your stockings are full of coal!

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