OT - Anyone use the Nacon Revolution or Razers controller.

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Hi all, I’m now on my fourth standard controller in 3 years and it’s getting a little annoying.

I’ve 2 PS4’s and they’re all extra ones out of warranty.

Anyone play with anything different and are they better than the standard.

Cost is expensive, however if they’re better and more robust then hey, I’m game.

I’m hoping a new type of controller will get me into WL fir the first time ever :wink:



  • Denisianes
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    They are all fragile and it won't make you that much better at the game. I think Razer is too expensive compared to the normal DS4 v2, and Nacon is only good if you want the xbox layout.
  • Bozza88
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    I use the raiju took a but of getting used too but I love it.

    While it won't make you a pro the layout and size of the controller might make it more comfortable for you to play
  • Drizzt
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    Cheers all.
  • cfutter13
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    I have the Raiju and love it. Super sturdy build and the button and triggers feel so so good. I had hold of the standard controller the other day and it feel super poor compared go the Razer.
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