Online single matches showed

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How nice and smooth the gameplay could be. Why did EA force me to play that mode which only makes the BS on WL more apparent and infuriating. If Online single mode can be so smooth, why can’t the weekends?!?


  • Ash Ketchum
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    lol yeah I usually only play this game mode now in seasons its the same. The gameplay feels so much better the players actually do what you tell them too and don't feel like they're running in treacle and every pass you make goes where you aim it and not to an opponent and you can actually make a tackle.
  • CoachDavio
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    I don’t understand why WL can’t be like this? Anyone have an idea? This is the game I love, WL feels like playing underwater. Unless I am 2 down, then my players feel like they have super powers
  • Micky_Pain
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    single match and seasons are P2P.
    WL and DKT are "dedicated" servers which are crap, overloaded and for people like me too far away to be even remotely lag-free.

    WL - green bars and it's walking through mud.
    Seasons - even red or yellow bars were some of the smoothest games I played.
  • CoachDavio
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    They don’t let WL Be P2P becuase people would cheat? Why would they want an inferior game for the flag ship competition
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