POTM Salah

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Can I have your thoughts on this one??

I could dare to say that he's the worst striker that I've ever used...
But maybe that's my problem, not knowing how to get the best of him...


  • jonkero
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    Too weak for a striker. As a left CAM he is very good for me though
  • I SiR MartY I
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    I think he's amazing, one of the best forwards I've used this year, even kicked IF Perisic out of my team to fit him into it and I love Perisic.
  • Danic123
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    Play him as left CAM & he's fantastic. Tried him as LS in a 41212 narrow & found him too weak. Put him central cam behind the strikers & was much better mind.

    Depends how you play really. Who was you using before?
  • Paquetesousa
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    Potm salah is my FIFA 17 SBc giovinco. Supersub!!! Lol
  • JohnMoore
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    I have a sweaty cheap EPL team and find it so easy to defend against him! He's useless on his right foot so players will try to force him to shoot on that foot, that's what I do.
  • Danic123 wrote: »
    Depends how you play really. Who was you using before?

    NIF Jesus, and there's no comparison possible between them, tbh...

    It's a shame, because I'd love to have Salah playing as my ST
  • His hero card has been much better for me compared to his POTM card, but that really how he's used - I think he's better to partner someone in a 2 ST formation, I was using him with 4321 until Futmas Antonio came in
  • Jonew
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    Really disappointed in potm salah tbh, overmars and mane out perform him for me, I often sub him at half time..
    His right foot sucks n is too weak..

    I’ll try him at cam 4231 and see how he goes BUT so far I can see him being used in an sbc at some point..
  • keronc
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    I use him as a sub at ST or Cam. Once he makes a run, just send him the ball and nobody can catch him. Just make sure you get it on his left foot or you might be screaming about the game being really bad :smiley:
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