Icon Hernandez any good?

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If yes what’s making him special? Are there similar players for cheaper? And which version is the best? Would like to know.


  • Asht1981
    938 posts Professional
    I did the prime started off slow but once u know how to use him he's one of the best strikers I've used
  • Riafelttil
    476 posts An Exciting Prospect
    His speed and finishing are as good as anyone in the game. Nice dribbling too and brilliant at close control. He’s obviously weak but for all the pace he has to have a downside.

    Does anyone else play like him for less? Yes, Mertens is incredibly similar. Has the same goals to game ratio for me but together they are outstanding. Have Rui Costa sat behind them at CAM.
  • Hornerglow
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    Would you think he‘d be worth it next to 87 Crespo?
  • Riafelttil
    476 posts An Exciting Prospect
    It depends entirely on your play style. I can say without hesitation though that he is excellent with Mertens, I can’t see why he wouldn’t be brilliant with Crespo.
  • ThisVergaRA
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    did the sbc and after 200games still plays godly. next to prime overmars and prime adp he never gets outshined
  • ORANGEeffect05
    19365 posts World Class
    Using the 85 and hes been outstanding, always making runs and quality finishing
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