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What do you think the best/ worst things about being a PC player are?

387 posts Sunday League Hero
Best - I for some reason have only experianced lag once in like 150 online matches, wheras console was 1 in 3 matches.

Worst - Prices, SBCs become too expensive for us unless you have half the SBC in your club already.


  • protzbischof
    3389 posts National Call-Up
    Best - probably better connection as you said.
    Worst - Prices for high rated legends, playing elite/t40 players very early in fut champions. Playing the same players over and over in division 1 and late in fut champs. Hate it.
  • fiskzu
    2906 posts Fans' Favourite
    Best - game smoothness, connection - when you compare it to consoles its a joke really

    Worst - Price of R9/Gullit/Vieira :lol:
  • stepanovic
    191 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    • game graphics
    • smooth connection (i'm west europe though, might not be the case for everyone)
    • better average competition (i'm a regular Gold1/Elite3 player and i only have around 5 of my 25 games where i'm way better/worse than the opponent)
    • trading super easy (i only made 2.1 million by flipping high end cards the past days in a scared market, once you are rich it's easy to play the market)

    • price for high end cards, even though i expected worse. Prime Icon SBC prices should bring the ones even more down who are still overpriced (90 Gullit, 91 Matthäus, 88 Vieira, etc.)
    • playing cheaters/glitchers: i don't bother much and someone who cheats (skillmoves/weakfoot) motivates me even more to beat them
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