CT's and Player Instructions

I have been experimenting with these all year and have come to the conclusion that these don't work regardless of what you set them on. My team plays the best with no instructions and basic ct's 50 all the way down the board. If anything these hamper your team. With base settings my players make more quality runs which seemed to be lacking despite what tactics and instructions I used. From now on I'm gonna keep it basic and work on my gameplay. Anyone else experienced this?


  • PapaJay
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    50 to 66 build up speed is in the range normal speed, if higher your players build up fast,
    if you have fast build up speed and 40 or lower in build up passing they gonna conflict with normal passing and high passing chance creation and thus it will seem like your players are making fewer runs

    So try keeping build up passing on 50 and tweek the others to suit your play style
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