All into ADP?

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His card looks insane! I have around 950k and I think that is just enough coins to do his sbc. The only negative is that I might regret it layer and I will have nothing besides him. Also if I did do the sbc I would only have a team from the rewards that I got for completing the sbc. Any help out there? Any advice is much appreciated.


  • hoofheartd
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    Don't do the SBC. Buy him straight up. Using the 87 card at CAM and he's great. ADP at ST wasn't worth the coins for me. If you just want an icon striker, i'd get baby crespo and 89 MVB before i splashed coins for Del Piero. Get more production out of Crespo and MVB up top. If you do ADP SBC and don't like him you're stuck. That's a lot of coins.
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