Best Del Piero version ?

Is the 92 worth the extra 400k over the 90 one ?


  • cawbrey2
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    87 is the best one
  • Pughy30
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    Yeah everyone seems to love the 87 card
  • but doesn't the +2 dribbling and +2/+4 shooting or the +5 passing make a bigger difference on the 90 and 92 ?
  • The prime is amazing, but people claim the 87 is unstoppable.
  • Valor
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    edited December 2017
    87 all day everyday .. he is unstoppable, i wouldn't be surprised if his price went up even more.

    but i think people used to go for the 87 because he was the cheapest option yet not much weaker than the 92 version, but now the price of the 87 is almost the same as 92 so i'm not sure.

    another thing to consider is that the 87 version has high/med work rates while the other versions have med/med
  • torakun
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    Personally.. I've tried the 90. He's really good. Next time though I'm getting that 92 because he's cheap enough for ADP in my eyes. Don't really care abt the pace since I will playmaker him on. I do care abt his passing, shoot, etc more.
  • BK1892
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    I've had all 3. For me its 92>87>90. The Prime version is seriously the dogs bollocks! I really don't notice a difference in pace between it and the 87 version (I've Hawk on him). Finishing & passing is so OP. He's in my team til the end.
  • Pathetic pace addicts, 92 miles ahead, just compare the stats fgs
  • liuus86
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    i only used the 87 but i can t think of anything better than that..use him at cam with an hunter card on him and he will become unstoppable
  • cawbrey2
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    holdenwait wrote: »
    Pathetic pace addicts, 92 miles ahead, just compare the stats fgs

    i prefer the high workrate as it makes him open much more space. best csm in the game
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