Which icon out of these 3?

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90 Bergkamp, 87 Del Piero or 90 Del Piero


  • HysxteriA
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    Personally I'd go with 90 Bergkamp more my sort of player. I'd say that 90 Bergkamp would be the better striker of the two but I'd say DP would make a very good CAM. I can only comment on Bergkamp however he was absolutely unreal for me. Tbh though both are elite level icons I'd look at your own gameplay and what how you prefer to play and buy on that basis.
  • Toontink
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    I'd go with 90 Del p
  • Skely
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  • JED_JD
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    Bergkamp with hunter, big, strong, pacey and finishes like a beast
  • Alexrb89
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    Dp followed by spit roast, least favorite Eiffel Tower
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