Baby icons (R.Carlos/Rijkaard/Nesta/Zanetti)

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Would any of these be worth it? Just packed Mbappe in rewards so wouldn't mind adding one to the team.


Or should I be sensible and build an epic defence as I've obviously skimped on it before


  • Markman007
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    I packed Rio Ferdinand 85. He was good, but I sold him and bought Maldini 88. Maldini has been amazing for me, either at LB with full chem, or CB or RB at 7 chem.
  • Daniel119614
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    Baby del Piero is op
  • BLqzTT
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    Baby is so cringe
  • mattiparka
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    BLqzTT wrote: »
    Baby is so cringe
  • Aidennes
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    Zanetti LB is good like
  • shamheff1989
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    BLqzTT wrote: »
    Baby is so cringe

  • sheffutd87
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    Cheers for the replies. Sorry for the Photobucket picture.

    Anyway... spoke to my mate who's a regular elite finisher and he thought it would be best if I built a good defence over the pants one I was using before and another icon. So the team now looks like this:

    90 Hernandez,SBC Al Soma
    92 Del Piero
    Naingollan,90 Rui Costa
    Scream Khedira
    TOTGS Ric Rod,Hero Benatia, Boateng, TOTGS Kimmich

    Not had time to try it yet but looks better than Dalbert, Manolas,Koulibaly, florenzi and Szcezny
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