Neymar any good this year?

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Anyone here used him? Don't know if he's worth the 540k he is going for at the moment. He would play LCAM in a 4231 in this team.

Perisic will be sold then.



  • anakintommy
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    Brilliant as Left striker
    Amazing pace I mean it
    Best agility in the game
    Best dribbler in the game
    Great finishing
    5 star weak foot instantly adds 100k to his value
    The skill moves mean he's way too fun to use

    He's very weak but refereeing is poor but he's so agile he gets away from defenders
  • Advait
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    Okay at best imo
    Taison is at par
  • Fatmanc
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    Packed Neymar many moons ago, used for 4/5 games and didn't get on with him.
    I'm not a skiller so couldn't abuse his 5* skills, used the money for Overmars SBC and not looked back since over 500 games with Overmars now and still enjoying the card.
  • Lacerda11
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    i dont like him that year, finishing is poor and too weak imo
  • LiamSully
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    Hes a lot of fun but very weak
  • Elliot666
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    prime overmars? never had an icon but his pace, agility, finishing looks insane.

    I have Ronaldo, bale atm though would probs try and use instead of bale (switch IG to 4-1-2-12 (2))

    Do you recon at LS he would be good? maybe cam> and bale LS?
  • RoosGianni
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    Hmmm so very mixed reviews. Any alternatives then? Don't want Overmars because the 4* skills are crucial for me.
  • Yokiboy
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    edited December 2017
    All these weak players just don't cut it this year.

    In 2015 I used Rémy Cabella NIF at CAM and he was incredible. I had TIF Pogba etc behind him and tried to replace him with more expensive cards but he was just so good. He was like 5 foot 6 with 50 something strength.

    Rémy Cabella on this game is probably one of the worst players you could use. Same with Neymar, looks nice on paper but far too weak in game to be of any value.
  • bjornheisenberg
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    only used him on draft and he was way better than ronaldo cry7
  • Really depends on your playstyle. I really love him , on the other hand i cant get on with bale , so messi plays on my right side/cam . so if you like agile and skillful players hes the best in these aspects imo. His finishing is amazing too , of course not ronaldo lvl, but his 5* weak foot impact the game so much
  • PeteFuller
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    Very very good when the game doesn't lag. Absolutely horrendous when it's on the state it's in now. I find martial to be better and he's 82 rated FFS.
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