How's gameplay on PC?

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Input delay an issue? Much lag?

I have a decent gaming laptop and wonder if it's worth me changing to PC just to get an enjoyable game.

Not fussed by WL,not fussed if people want to 'boost' their players. Just want clean gameplay and my players playing to their stats consistently.

Anyone on here a PC player?


  • omarnyc
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    I think gameplay is smoother on pc, if you get a decent pc and connection you should be fine, also your location is important as well bc there arent many players on pc.
    Btw i also owned xbox one + ps4 and played fifa.
  • Jaedric_Kaine
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    I enjoy it. Sometimes it can be a bit of a pain with matchmaking depending on where you live. Also, the market is a higher and players can be a bit sparse but other than that, I like it.
  • Metalfly
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    I think it can be way better but it cost a lot. 144Hz gaming monitor with a top of the line graphics card and you can't ever play on other platform again, FIFA will feel very laggy and clunky on anything else.

    Although on the other hand, when you play Online it all comes down to the ping, so the beastly gaming PC you built is at the mercy of the EA server.
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