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[pc] High class manager recruiting players

[PC] Best class managers looking for smart members.
Asian server. Team played 2 matches because I made team 2 days ago because of busy days. I can make team be on div 2-3 with just 1 or 2 more players whom I scout. There will be chance to be high experienced player as early member.

Good to see you. I've managed few clubs for 3-4 years by making teams be always rank 1-10 on top 100 club leaderboard(not overall leaderboad based on playing time). Even though all member go out, I don't care. Because I can make team div 1 and rank in top 100 in 2 weeks ~ 1 month. All of smart you would know that thinking battle every second in a match is the most important. If you are not so bad at football imagination and control skill of fifa, I will just let you be one of the best player on that position. Condition is 1-3 month with trusting me and that's all.

There is nothing much for team rules. You can do whatever you wanna do. Even you can play for another team when our team doesn't have club match if your team is us. But there are just two things. No going out from match with glass mental and trusting me whatever happens. Then you will be one of highest class team members when your skill is on the peak. This is not the promise. It will just happen.

Team was made 2 days ago, all old player in my club is done to play now after playing with me for 3-4 years.

Wanted position
Any on any time, you and I will see together if your position is suitable with you.

I don't say passion is all for student. You need to be better than at least common drop players or potential with your own specific style. If not, you can't be top class player in 4-5 months. Maybe a year. And I don't need the multi player for 4-5 positions. Max is 2-3 for a player.

Team style is between RM and BAY. I have complete 4141 4231 433 442 different style tactics.
My own ability as player? Well I'm CAM and CM. And if you are midfielder, you will see I've just played this mode for long time almost everyday as much as I can. And I'm looking for the people who can be pillars for team.

Previous team has had 30-50 players. And usual active players were usually 7-15 a day as average. I cut members because of some reasons or some of them have been resting fifa. Replace them and make them replace you some day.

Usual playing time: GMT +09:00 23pn-4am

Wanna be pro? Message me free via origin: JGgun0617

-one more thing-
Recruiting one manager also.
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