Fifa 19's tip new feature revealed!!!!

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Forget the bus. Cowards will now be able to park a HOUSE!!! in front of their goal for the weekend league! Rejoice fifa fans!


  • JIGSAW_10
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    Haha made me laugh. This happened to you just now in WL? Was that bad bro?
  • Aspral
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    Never understood why they added PTB into an online game.

    Like actually think about it. It's an online game and the primary objective should be enjoyment when you play a game because people who are serious at games are a smaller percentage of people that play for enjoyment.

    So why have PTB in an online game? You already had Ultra-defensive. Why include an absolute fun sucker into online.

    The great players wont use it. It just seems something to keep bad players in the game with the AI auto-blocking/defending
  • Kevcroft62
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    Mourinho style football should never have been added to this game
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