Hoolywood fc

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Just played this person who wasted time from kick off. Just used his st to chase me . paused a lot watched every replay did NOT attacknot one time did he try and play the game played ball around defence whole game he then bashed L1 a few times scored and back to replays and wasting time ... OK I lost but he was playing the whole time to make me quit the game which on the 90 the min I I'd quit butility why play the game


  • Elliot666
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    when that happens to me I do the same, seems like he needed 1 point to go up a division, maybe to hold div 1 to get in to fut champs?

    I just go ultra attacking when that happens try my hardest to get a goal and PTB
  • Mmandras
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    EA should let you skip opponent replays. They are extremly annoying and he can watch his damn goals and saves as much as he like after the game.
  • Yokiboy
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    1-1 after two games. First guy quit at half time.

    Second guy apparently he had interceptions 'on' and mine were 'off'. Also went to pass a goal kick and my keeper kicked it out for a corner.
  • Danbailey_032
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    It was in fut champs lol
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