How's IF Rooney?

Had been one of my favourite cards in FUT fir a few years now. I've been using his NIF at CAM some the beginning of the year, even with the downgrade, he's still very decent. Is the IF worth the price? Does he feel much better?


  • Alp_2760
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    Hadn't really checked his card before seeing this. Just popped on to have a look and tbf, it's a really nice looking card. Has had a fairly good upgrade and actually looks like a really good cam.

    Seems a bit over priced at the moment though... I'd maybe wait for him to drop a bit. He's only about 80k cheaper than IF Eriksen, at the moment.
  • TwoZebras
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    Hopefully the totgs pushes him below 100k cause I ain't paying his current price
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