EA your packs and pack weight is F**$$in* horrific

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Weather I spend money or do Liam's of sbc's I still get ****. While all these guys opining a pack here and there get icons and high rated walkouts. By the way these billboards are freaking stupid and bed to go. Why in the fin he'll do you have boards for a **** 82 or 83 player. Your spend do much time on stupid **** like this and your game is totally fluked.


  • carolinabluejg
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    Sorry for all the messed up grammar my grammar is just as bad as God darn game
  • Guardian2099
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    I know man. Look ate Bateson87 he **** always packs high rated players. The pack weight is rigged for youtubers, the rest of us get ****
  • I guess there's gonna be an element of luck to it. But at the same time, if they're going to hide the weights, then where's the problem with them recognising someone's getting the shiddy end of the stick in the odds game and slinging them something to make up for it. The fact they don't when they surely want to retain customers, does make me think it's just luck though and the odds are just really terrible. The thing with a guy like Bateson is he probably spends thousands on packs, so perhaps the game is rigged to make sure people who spend a lot, get stuff. But so far this FIFA i've opened a lot of packs and had 2 walkouts. One decent and one completely unusable and almost worthless. So no Icons or special players for me either.
  • desperado646
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    I was having decent pack luck at the start. Pulled Alexis, Bonucci, Mbappe & a couple of IFs. But for the last few weeks, its been atrocious.

    However, today I completed the MM SBC, as I had every single player available to complete it, and I pulled Fabregas & some IF Italian Goalkeeper.

    Sold both for 40-50 K, which I suppose is decent considering the SBC required no effort at all.
  • DUserUP
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    sorry i realy dont get it, we all know pack weight is just pure *luck* yet people continue to open them, if you dont get nothing of value then its how it is. simple dont open them as chances are you never going to pack that big name player. saves disapointment
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