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Help me I’m addicted to playing angry fifa :(

66 posts Park Captain
When I’m losing game after game I just feel like I have to keep playing just to prove to myself that it’s not me and it’s the game.

I end up playing terribly and I take it out on my opponents by sending them abuse for no reason, this game makes me so angry. Funnily enough when I’m playing well and I lose I don’t care.

How tf do you block out emotions when playing this piece of ****


  • Dont play it if it makes u angry
  • RayS
    27802 posts Player of the Year
    I’d stick my head in a blender
  • shady_ltd_85
    196 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    its hard to not play but try to do other stuff you like because this game not good for you
    i have the same problem i stop and a couple days after i think let me try it again
    and then you coming on that point again this game just not worth it
    and the same story continue but fifa 18 just not that fun like fifa 16 and fifa 17

  • Hasmust
    379 posts Sunday League Hero
    Quit FIFA buddy.
  • CounterLicious
    1071 posts Professional
    Quit FIFA, easy as that.
  • Tomb1302
    7626 posts League Winner
    Hasmust wrote: »
    Quit FIFA buddy.
    Quit FIFA, easy as that.

  • Aspral
    3612 posts National Call-Up
    You're not the only one. Every person who plays Fifa gets angry and annoyed so much.

    It causes people who are calm and happy to turn into other things.

    I just go into a game kind of just accepting that nonsense is going to happen and it's not avoidable anymore. Play other games and enjoy them.

    The nonsense you get on Fifa is happening to everyone. Not just you on your own. Can you honestly say that a pro-player or youtuber you've watched hasn't had some crazy outburst that just isn't them normally? Even the level headed calm ones have crazy moments with Fifa.

    At the end of the day it's not in your control. The game is heavily AI based and not fully human based.
  • richo27
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    Please find another game. Your life is worth more.
  • Mattallicawolf
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    I've been playing cod ww2 with friends recently, but if they aren't online will stick fifa on

    The difference in my play when I've had a break is unreal, i feel so much more relaxed and I play better

    So stick something else on, enjoy playing for the FUN OF IT, novel idea I know :)

    Then go back to fifa, trust me it will help
  • gbshow
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    edited December 2017
    Remember what Rage against the machine said "ANGER IS A GIFT"

    It will separate you from the no balls when you're on your own and 3 random blokes upsets your Mrs.
  • Flamstead
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    Same thing mate, sticking to offline. Mind you even SB does my nut in...Haven't played it all week ha
  • Worble
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    Competitive gaming is a real issue. The most popular triple A games ram competitive gaming down our throats and it's ultimately that which makes us try hard and care more when things go wrong.... then we get angry.

    Best thing I ever did was stop buying COD yearly and only play zombies and play absolutely NO tournaments/weekend league on FIFA.

    I purely play the fun modes now and have far fewer, near enough nil, angry moments now
  • Wi1son73
    2430 posts Fans' Favourite
    During fifa 17 I must of done the exactly the same as you, because Microsoft gave me a warning for abusive messages. Man I so full of EAaids which fecked me off so much! So after that I felt really embarrassed and stupid! Now I just quit if I have any major BS EAaids.. not worth getting pissed of at! Couldn't care at my stats...
    It's all about having fun with a bit of intense competitive football.. NOT have game after game of the opposite!
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