Missing POTM

Kindly please i got team of the week captain ( Grizman) in one of the team of the week packs and i tried to claim the POTM prize but it was disabled

the above was on 05/12/2018 and already opened 2 cases first one on Customer experience with number 36397590 and second one on Help EA with number 36406334.

Both advised to wait for 24 H till server sync but nothing resolved and then Customer experience informed me that this is not their issues and EA Help asked me to open case her

so please check my account and help me getting the prize


  • Konterman
    369 posts Sunday League Hero
    :D This is the tipical EA answer! This is only a Customer Forum no help or EA Support :s and now the November POTM Event is finished.......so in your best case you will receive a super Premium Player pack....... :#
  • what a disappointment
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