How to use Neymar to his fullest?

Darce Choke
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edited December 2017
So I bought Neymar and built a pretty basic looking Brazilian team around him. (Jesus included)

I've been using 4-1-2-1-2(2) pretty much all of this year. In the past I've enjoyed 433(4) and to some degree 433(5).

Would Neymar and Jesus up top in a 4-1-2-1-2(2) be a decent shout? can he operate as a decent striker with his lack of strength.
Anyone used him in a 433(5)? I'm wondering if he gets involved enough.

I haven't really enjoyed 433(4) or 4321 at all this year. The wide players seem so isolated and there way too much space in the middle.


  • Crossland
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    Tbh I hated Neymar at ST he is probably one of the weakest players this year and for me it ruined his card,At LF he played fairly good though got involved in everything but again that strength realy killed it for me
  • DiegoNapoles
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    I play Neymar as a CAM, he’s really good for me, but since I bought Mbappe IF and Jesus IF he has lost some presence in the team, still pretty good, amazing shooting and he’s pretty agile.
  • RandomLhama83
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    Great CAM... horrible Striker though. he gets marked by strong CBs way to easily... Put him out in a position of space, and he can be effective.
  • Shade98818
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    I've found use in him as a CAM as well. He lacks the strength to play ST, but his passing and build up is great. Plus he can bang in longshots. I wouldn't trust him play ST tho!
  • OpFifa
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    way overpriced.
  • C0YBIG67
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    Best player I've used this year! Love him. Prefer him To Messi and bale..

    I currently use him with IF Jesus upfront with prime Rui behind. Amazing for me scores for fun. I use quite a lot of skill with him though, I think if you are just running at opponents he will be really weak like others have mentioned. If you use his 5* with his insane dribbling he can't be touched
  • Ghoti
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    i`m not using dribbling but he just get ride on field easy so agile so fast ...
  • Sercs
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    Good for me as LCAM, his strength is quite often an issue.. gets dominated at times by it but if he has space to run into.. any chances in the box he bags! so for that hes staying currently.
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    At RCAM he’s more effective than anyone else I’ve tried there, and there’s been quite a few. Really enjoyable player for me.
  • P
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    To get the best out of him you have to be good at dribbling because of the strength. On the cusp of elite for me.
  • SurferDude
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    Sell him buy Ronaldo. Neymar is terrible this year
  • Sercs
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    SurferDude wrote: »
    Sell him buy Ronaldo. Neymar is terrible this year

    Except Ronaldo is 1.5m more :joy:
  • OpFifa
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    Martial is simply more effective at pretty much every position.

    Perhaps not at central CAM, but i have ADP there and he's levels above neymar.
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