Seasons in manual mode using two buttons controller

Hello!I am here to mention about two i have been playing in seasons and prefer only manual settings i saw that few ppl have about 90-95% on pass rate and strong defence...i am belong to a club where ppl gathering playing with manual settings on our championshipw where we made...after one year there and playing with same ppl at all i saw one guy who played amazing but in past he was a low rate player...i asked him what he did and told me about two's almost unplayable to play against a guy whne uses two buttons in manual mode...two buttons uses all passes in one buttons like shots and like defense...Our club where playing only manual we consider that take off two buttons from manual mode like tactical defense and legacy defense in online mode...Also we suggest EA in future to make FIFA only with manual settings...the game it's more realistic and when the update the game that affects and manual mode but it's not true cuz u need to use another tactics etc.Thanks


  • remove two buttons now.
    it's ridiculous that you do not care.
    remove now.
  • 2-buttons controls configuration should be only allowed against 2buttons configuration. Manual configuration should only be allowed against manual configuration. No filtering means actually cheating and with the blessing of EA both in season games and in online friendlies. FAIR FIELD dear EA , lets do the basics !!
  • Add 1 vote from me too.. we are really so many out there so don't ignore us. Give us fair play it's all we're asking for.
  • I wanna add one comment also...Why two buttons not working in Ultimate and working at friendlies online and season online??
  • Any response?
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