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Over the past few days I have noticed that the commentator has been saying things randomly.

Whilst passing the ball forward in the middle of the field, he mentions something random about a corner kick.

Also telling me I had some games left to escape relegation when I know I was on my last game of the ten matches.

Any one else noticed any strange or random comments?


  • CaptainDan-
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    I get sick of him making the same damn comment about how well bergkamp recieves the ball 3 times a game every game!!
  • KD240792
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    Well that's why he get's called fishy, cause he loves the chips.
  • silverdale10
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    I turned the commentary off a few weeks ago after I realised I was getting triggered by constant praise of the AI goalkeeper making impossible saves "He had no right to save that" twice a game or criticizing my "poor concentration" etc. when I've just been a victim of BS or saying it was a clear foul and the ref had no option but to give a penalty when the replay shows there was no contact whatsoever or any attempt to make a tackle.

    At least twice a game there was some commentary line that had nothing to do with what was happening on the pitch, I've had the line about the player looking the keeper in the eye when its' my left back receiving a pass deep in his own half, I've regularly had the commentators suddenly flip back into praising the goal scorer again for a 2nd time as if the ball has just hit the back of the net after the re-start.

    If there's bugs like that in the commentary, which reveal themselves as being very obvious bugs, then it stands to reason there's as many bugs in the actual game. It gets worse every year. The more they add, the more of a mess the code becomes. The amount of patches they do is proof of that.
  • lad33
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    My favourite is the commentary that tells you what a good goal it is... before it actually goes in!

    No, clearly no scr****** involved.
  • Blytz
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    My favourite is "Rui Costa, he won't lose the ball" as he passes it to the opponent......
  • silverdale10
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    The wrong type of description being played for a goal seems to happen more often than a correct one. If the ball bobbles in apologetically, it's almost guaranteed that Alan Smith will have orgasms over an unstoppable shot.
  • Schmucke13
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    The commentators in Spanish rule 75% of goals like an own goal... This is really annoying ... Also they call out goals before they happen, but there is nothing fishy in the game... It's all in our heads right @DaveSaves ?
  • DaveSaves
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    Sorry, who are you?
  • Chubz
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    or when it bounces off players and the post 5 times in a row and says "what a well worked goal" or something trashy like that.
  • Legend Killer
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    Blytz wrote: »
    My favourite is "Rui Costa, he won't lose the ball" as he passes it to the opponent......

    This. Plus this one: "Rui Costa with controlled possession shall we say"... then gets tackled on the third touch
  • Atreyu
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    Or when the proclaim that there is 3 minutes extra time when there actually is 2 minutes. Or simular. Hard not to get mindfucked and løse koncentration which is crucial in the dying minutes of either the half or full time.
  • Murf1985
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    This lad reminds be of Barry Horne.
  • bjornheisenberg
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    DaveSaves wrote: »
    Sorry, who are you?

    nurse itsu?
  • Aspral
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    Most annoying for me is "Well this player is not known for his heading" when it's someone who scores a ton of header irl
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