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IF Roussillion

243 posts Sunday League Hero
Just packed him ? He fits nicely into my team but I already have Marcelo? Anyone used Rouss or both to compare?


  • JohnMoore
    302 posts Sunday League Hero
    Yeah he's a monster, much better than Marcelo imo but you may have a different opinion... Try them out!
  • Stickybelly
    2666 posts Fans' Favourite
    I used the NIF version in my starter team and he was really good actually. Feel really quick and smooth, the IF looks good, give him a try.

  • DSmith
    817 posts Semi-Pro
    I have him and love him. Was playing Sandro on 8 chem but he gets full chem due to Petit. I'm conceding less goals now which isn't solely down to him I'm sure however he's the only change to my defense. With Anchor he is an absolute monster.
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