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Double TOTS Player Review - TOTS De Bruyne & TOTS Muller

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So yeah, again, just like my last TOTS post on here, i've uploaded a video to youtube giving a detailed analysis of both players. My aim for this video was also to include a tactics board scene, showing where the players were most effective for me. Graphically I think it came out quite well, a few small changes that I need to fix for my next video. (slight colour change when going from the animated tactics board to the static image, couldn't work out why.)

So yeah, if you could let me know what you think, that'd be great!

Anyway, onto the player review.

Starting with TOTS Kevin De Bruyne.

Kevin De Bruyne has been the conductor of the FIFA hype train ever since his permanent transfer from Chelsea to the Bundesliga. He's played a key role in securing Wolfsburg both European football next season, as well as winning the DFB Pokal national cup in Germany. This season for Wolfsburg has also been particularly traumatic with the sudden of death of KDB's Belgian compatriot Junior Malanda.

So in fairness to him, I think he's been very deserving of this TOTS card.

The card itself, well, let me say, if I could make love to this card, then I would. I have no shame admitting that. It's excellent, the best card i've ever used on ANY ultimate team.

I would list all the impressive stats, but it'd take me forever. It would be quicker just listing his poor stats, so that's what i'm doing.

- Heading accuracy
- Marking
- Sliding tackle
- Standing tackle
- Jumping
- Aggression
- Interceptions

Ok, so he's not going to be the perfect centre back, but these 7 stat categories are the only ones that are below 86, giving him a total stat count of 2376. **Putting him 2nd in the total stat lists**, only pipped to the top by TOTY Lahm.

With more total stats than TOTY Ronaldo, he should play better than him, right?

Correct. He does. TOTY De Bruyne is so silky smooth at dribbling that he's able to just breeze past any opponent standing between him and the goal, then once he's gone by them, he has the composure and ability to smash the ball into the back of the net.

Whether you are rampaging through defences, or blasting the ball from deep, you are guaranteed to have fun with TOTS De Bruyne, and that's important to me, and the FIFA community.

I think that's maybe what I like so much about him, you never have to force the ball to him and then make him play any other passes/shots. It all just comes off so naturally. For example, when dribbling past players using your new expensive acquisition from teh transfer market, you often use unnecessary skills to make sure you're getting your money's worth, well at least that's what I do. But with KDB, you're already past the defender before you can even contemplate mashing the right analog stick.

As with most TOTS players, he also has incredible freekick stats. The only negative I found with KDB was his poor freekick stance, after having used record-breaker Ronaldo and his stance, I found it hard to become accustomed to the boring, generic stance that he has. That's the only negative I could find for him.

Now what position should you play the Belgian wizard in. Initially I had him as the central CAM in a 4-2-3-1 formation, but he didn't really get involved in the game as much as he should have. Of course, i'd never blame his card for that, it was all my fault.

I then played him in a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 with TOTS Muller up front, and he was just so effective. Well they both were, it was like they'd gained an extra 10 chemistry points. Whether it was KDB playing through balls to Muller, or quick incisive passing allowing them to dribble past the defence, everything just worked.

Furthermore, playing them both upfront was also a major success for me, although I didn't enjoy it as much when KDB was in the number 10 position. This was mainly caused by Muller dropping deep leaving De Bruyne up top on his own. I mean he's good enough to go past an entire defence, but not one that's already sat on park the bus because you've already scored 3 stunning goals with him so far.

As well, KDB also has that 5* weak foot and 4* skill moves, along with a H/M work rate. It truly does make him the perfect player.

If you have the coins, then buy KDB. It doesn't matter what team you have, because you should be shoehorning him into that team. Get him on full chemistry, and just enjoy playing with him.

TOTS Kevin De Bruyne rating 10/10. - THE HYPE IS REAL.

My fingers are actually quite sore after typing that, was so hyped to just ramble about him.

Anyway, TOTS Muller. He's equally as good as De Bruyne, with only a few small things setting them apart.

Most notably, he doesn't have the 4* skill moves or 5* weak foot. That's quite a big deal for me because I use a lot of the 4* skill moves when attacking, and having one striker without them is somewhat annoying.

Now I personally believe that there are multiple ways to use Thomas Muller due to his H/H work-rate. I got the most success out of using him as a striker, with the instruction to cut passing lanes. That means you can to use a football cliche, "defend from the front."

While it's an annoying phrase that lazy commentators use, I felt that it's the best way to describe how to get the most out of TOTS Muller due to both his excellent physical and technical stats.

If you take control of him, and then charge down the defence from side to side before the ball passes him then you'll have great success.

Alternatively, you could use him as midfielder perhaps in a 4-3-3 formation. He's got great stamina to provide excellent attacking support and sufficient defensive tracking back.

Either way, due to his great all round stats, you're going to have success with him.

During his period at striker for me he couldn't stop scoring. Not just the generic tap-ins, it was all types of goals. Including one that mimicked Van Persie's against Spain in the World Cup.

His in-game stats suggest his strength is only 73, but I found that to be complete rubbish, especially when he had the ball at his feet.

One common trend I noticed in his play was that due to his H/H work rate, he would often pick the ball up from deep inside his own half.

With most strikers you'd expect that to be a bad thing, as they'd normally run forward, go past a couple of defenders, then lose it. However it was opposite to him, the amount of goals I scored from him rampaging through the centre of my opponent's defence was incredible.

I was also a keen lover of his 88 in-form card, but there has definitely been a significant increase in stats from that card. You really can notice it too.

Now at the time of writing this, he is extinct on the Xbox, but I would recommend attempting to snipe him, he's worth it.

That's why i'm giving TOTS Muller a 9/10!

It would've been a 10 had he had 4* skill moves.

Anyway, thanks for reading if you got this far.

Also, mega-thanks to Chuboi and the FUT-Devs for making that Kevin De Bruyne card, he's amazing.


  • ScottW51
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    Also, let me know if you agree with the review or whatever. Would be interesting to hear other people's opinions of the god that is KDB.
  • Shaanxz
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    Great review, I like how Indepth it was especially when you were showing there effectiveness in different positions. You're telling me people watch itani's reviews. Keep up the good work
  • nice review man! i loved MOTM KDB so i cant wait to get my hands on a TOTS
  • chaser2k15
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    I loved mullers cards last year may have to try him when he is a bit cheaper.
  • KingLionel10
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    Great reviews fella, 2 players I'm really looking forward to trying
  • WoodyDaCuak
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    To put some more context





    I know CR7 is unfair because his NIF already has very high stats, but nevertheless the upgrade is incredible.
  • ScottW51
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    Thanks for all your kind words so far, glad people are appreciating the effort i've put into it!

    And yeah, the image above just enhances how good De Bruyne is!
  • WaCoug615
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    KdB is such a savage out there, it's already prolly top-3 favorite card of mine. Gotta give time for the honeymoon factor to wear off, but I'm comfortable saying it still. Such a beast. And his 83 was a nice upgrade from his original 81, too. Crazy difference.
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