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So you guys remember when they introduced price range? Players were too expensive. CR7 being 1.5M and Messi being 1.1M and ribery IF was 1.1M and Wynne was 100k in morning and 550k at night. Fun days for trading right?
I had accumulated around 15M this way. Had packed TOTY Neuer which I had sold for around 6M, had packed IF Sanchez too which was 2M. Point here is that players were expensive so packs were worth opening. I used around 3-4M coins and doubled it with just two players.

While in FIFA 16 I had 900k during TOTY and luckily​ packed TOTY Iniesta, which was worth only 600k. So I made loss of 300k. If price range was not there then he would have landed me profit of millions.

So we might feel they did us a favor by putting ranges but I am not happy with them upto certain limit. What is your opinion?


  • Jason1986
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    Price ranges are a good thing.

    Firstly it was to limit coin buying/selling. Which has worked to an extent.

    Secondly it means casual players are able to afford some of the higher rated and more valuable players. There's still a big gap between casual players and the FP abusers, but nothing like it could be.
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