Weird Almost Game Breaking Glitch?

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Lads, I was in fut draft and last minute the lad I was playing against equalised from a corner with Yashin, his celebration never ended and eventually he'd rage quit because he felt I deserved to win (he was pretty good). Anyway when all was said and done I didn't even get the win. Wtf?


  • Xx_iou_cheesecake_xX
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    Have proof if anyone wants it.
  • Eisenhardt
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    I've seen this posted on Reddit a few times. The players get stuck in an endless celebration. Hopefully EA are aware and they look into it soon.

    BTW you don't get the win if the opponent quits while the game is tied.
  • AEsey
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    Yeah I've seen it
    It seems to be goalkeepers
    That's the only examples I've seen
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