Weekend league has ruined fifa now it's a win at all costs. No manners required

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All I'm seeing is the op players we all know about. You can't have a game with a team with character you have to but these dam players and join in.... the pauses people to the time wasting.. the comebacks are terrible it's like the more I have the ball the more there box is loaded and loaded and ping William to jesus goal... it's just not right I've been playing this game since I was a nipper and I'm. Now in my 30s so I like to think I'm at a good level but I have played 19 games and won 6.... I've led in most of these games played some neat stuff but lost 10-6 in extra time 8-7 4-2 when the player has had just the two shots... it doesn't matter what I do I know what is coming and if by chance you have a game that a guy isn't blasting the op dab players he's bloody wasting time at 51the min. I mean what has it came to when u can't have fun. U have the transfer market where seems like a traders rule the market and constantly using underhand tactics.. price fixing cards... I mean today I could not buy chemistry hunter and if by chance u did the traders stock up and rip u off.... where's the fun gone in this monopoly. Teenager run game.. I hope pro evo get there act together coz this company is corrupt


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    Funny thing is that it feels like almost no one actually finishes games anymore.

    Every time I am up 2 or more goals on someone in the DKT they quit... No one sticks it out.
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    Weekend League is not the issue. It's EA not balancing the game / fixing blatant issues.

    Such kind of issues that we are dealing with would be patched in max 1 week in other games
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