What the hell is up with the gameplay?

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Every single patch makes it worse and worse. My players only have 4 directions they can move in. I’m on manual switching but it’s keeps auto switching.

To top it all off. Someone just quit on me at 0-0 and I got the loss.

I give up. Gran Turismo time.


  • CuteIsWhatIAim4
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    WL always was borderline unplayable for me, now divisions is horrible as well.
  • dbslbu
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    It’s so frustrating. Been busy the last few weeks so haven’t played much but had some players I was really looking forward to using after all the BF upgrades. Turns out they’re unusable.

    I have a PS4 pro, 4K monitor and wired connection that I specifically bought to make fifa playable. The lag in the menus is just pathetic. I don’t usually get mad about FIFA but I’m raging now.

    Every aspect of the presentation and content is brilliant but the main part of it is a joke.

    Not going to keep me away from it but it just feels like even more of a waste of time in this state.
  • Mackie17
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    my sentiments exactly. the menu lag is pathetic
  • mHazard
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    Mackie17 wrote: »
    my sentiments exactly. the menu lag is pathetic

  • mHazard
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    Also, why my players are auto switching, I had to go check the options and auto switching is air balls only!

    So broken game... :disappointed:
  • DeMolay145
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    gameplay is pathetic. I also experience auto switching even on manual. WL is a pit of bs, menus are lagging more than ever. Have I mentioned gameplay being the worst I've ever seen?

    It's sad because I was really hyped for this game. Feels like a kick in the balls. This community should really start rioting.
  • dbslbu
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    Input lag came with the change to frostbite right? Wasn’t in 16 was it?
  • mHazard
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    dbslbu wrote: »
    Input lag came with the change to frostbite right? Wasn’t in 16 was it?

    I think the menu was slightly laggy in rush hours in 16, not this bad tho
  • Rulistening
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    Entire game is garbage and HAS been garbage since the first patch. Not sure why people are surprised.
  • Retro_G
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    Back out of Fut, there is a squad update.
  • wayneyb1980
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    Its crazy how we get an awesome beta/demo version, a pretty good release version, then a game that gets worse with every patch.

    The current state of the game is terrible.

  • bgp1845
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    yeah i've played three games in the past two weeks and am just not feeling it anymore. there is so much AI assistance/interference and auto animations that it's just not fun. i can position my defender perfectly to make a play and they game will automatically do some random animation were my player gets nutmegged or i can get beaten and some AI player will make a dive from nowhere to save it. happens for me and my opponent.

    worst part is there is no way to predict when the games gonna do any of that so you can't play around it.

    i'm just waiting on the next scream boost to get rui costa and a few other icons to try out then i'll be over this game i think.
  • mjustic
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    Anyone noticed when doing a back pass to the keeper, if opponents strikers are near, he automatically kicks it in the air and it's impossible to select another player until the ball hits the ground again?
  • crankbait
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    EA should have enough money from FIFA points to buyout Konami and use the PES gameplay with FIFA bells and whistles
  • aberry1000
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    Same problems as last fifa and FIFA before
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