Are there any good keepers on this game ?

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I packed courtois untradeable at the start of the game and he was absolutely dreadful, so he went into an icon sbc. Yesterday I packed de gea untradeable and he's even worse, I haven't found one even half decent keeper on this game and I've tried everyone except neuer and the icons. I've had loads of games now where my keeper lets every single shot(or very close to it) on target in, starting to really annoy me.


  • Daveofwales01
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    De gea has been awesome for me, give him more time.
  • JJ Illumina T
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    Had the same but have stuck with buffon and hes usually great
  • krambizzle
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    IF De Gea has been sick for me
    I had Yahsin he was sick but conceded to many longshots but 1 on 1 and close up he is a beast
  • richisdisturbed
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    Handonovic has been crazy good for me this year, I upgraded to his IF & it's even better!
  • Maverick
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    I've been using DDG due to chem restrictions. He's been fine I guess. IDK how to rate keepers lol
  • ez1907
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    Buffon with cat
  • Joestoe
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  • Ily
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    I used buffon, Neuer, Lloris, I didn't like any, I m using de gea now he is doing very well, but I won't judge until after this WL
  • Cantonas Collar
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    Found them all to be pretty much the same. I think De Gea makes slightly more saves but not enough to warrant his price tag.
  • AnDrEwThEdOn
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    Fahrman, Begovic and De Gea
  • FrankTheTank1989
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    Try Rimando from MLS
  • dopetothemax
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    De Gea, Courtois, Neuer and Yashin were all pretty good. Maybe time to stop lookin at the keeper and look at your defending? Doesn’t matter who the keeper is if it’s a good shot from a good area.
  • yerwaltz
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    Couple of Keepers that I have only faced, not used, that really impressed me -


    Recall playing each one and having them stop shots "they had no right saving that! they had no right!!!"

    I would say Handanovic, Perin, and Leno are the one that have given me the most trouble it seems, some what surprisingly with Perin.
  • FrankFrank
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    I feel Handonovic is the one who was won me most games of all nifs.
  • Agent VZ
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    De gea has been awesome for me, give him more time.

  • yerwaltz
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    Personally have only used a few this year. Started with Moya from atletico, same as last year, he's always a solid keeper. Decent 1v1s and well balanced all around.

    nif Ruffier is also a champ, just really solid all around.

    Currently using Oblak, and honestly after some games I feel like selling him and putting ruffier back on lol. But then he has those moments where he is straight up class and I forgive him lol. Doesn't seem to give away as many easy rebound goals but those will always happen.
  • Phil0501
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    Lloris is by far best ive used well the least errors anyway
  • Hujaber
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    Any GK am playing against
  • Tof33z
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    You'll probably laugh but I've had Szcesny last year and this and he's really good for almost no coins. Very tall and has the comes for crosses trait, which he actually does and always gets them with his height.

    Don't even remember a rebound goal off him, unlike Donnarumma who would parry out a pass back,

    Hoping Szcesny gets an if this year again
  • Th3DirtyPriest
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    for me joe hart was good at saving long dipping shots but poor and reactions. Oblak poor, buffoon poor, l loris poor but amazing when i play against, Ederson otw untradable is the first pack i opened and i just use him, if your going to concede it does not matter who is in goal.
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    IF ter Stegen
  • Millsy89
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    I just rebought nif Handanovic to replace Prime Schmeichel.

    Not sure if that's because Hando is so good, or Big Pete just being awful.
  • TerminalFog
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    If De Gea isn't working for you, the issue is probably how you play defense, not the goalkeeper. Just go with Ederson or Schmeichel, who are not as good as De Gea but adequate.
  • torcids
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    Neuer had been just brutal for me this last few days, shots going through him. Not making the easy saves..
  • krakos000
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    Buffon made the best save I've seen a goalie make in the game last night so him. I also played a godly De Gea the other night who saved everything I threw at him
  • Davisto
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    Fahrmann, Horn and IF Hradecky
  • Helloitsme2
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    De gea has been awesome for me, give him more time.

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