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Anyone ever had this glitch happen?

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I was 4-3 down in daily knockout, 92nd min I whip in a corner and Handanovic scores a beautiful looped header into the far corner, I celebrate in disbelief as Handanovic sprints and knocks down the corner flag, closely followed by his team mates. The game then becomes irresponsive, whilst not quite frozen (fans still moving, making noise etc). This continues for several minutes, anytime I press the home button to message my opponent it gives me a 10 second countdown and says i’m not actively playing and will forfeit the game if I don’t become active. My opponent then must have dashboarded because after both of us queueing pauses for several minutes he must have had enough. It then went to the normal end of game screen.
I have two short clips of what happened I will upload when they save to my Xbox in a few minutes, but I’m just wondering has anything similar happened to anyone else?


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