How is Lacazette this year?

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Any good? Just bought him (haven't been able to use him yet).


  • TurdFerguson
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    He's good but not worth the price tag imo. If he was still in L1 he'd be 50k or so
  • WTFsmirky08
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    He's good but not worth the price tag imo. If he was still in L1 he'd be 50k or so

  • Alergi
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    He loves the post, that's all I can say lol. But I'm using him next to crespo, he does damage.
  • iRusty_yo
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    Loved him last year, this year.. meh.

    As above post highlights his love for the crossbar, I agree.
  • Breaker1987
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    Who should I play him next to? Got Gabriel Jesus, Morata, Firmino (all untradeable) and Rashford, Vardy, Ibrahimovic (all tradeable) as my other attackers.
  • Jason1986
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    Picked him up for my remaining 15 games of the WL, ended up with a goal a game and a handful of assists.

    Very good finisher if you can get him in, decent strength and not bad in the air. Weak foot isn't a problem either.

    Only issue I had was his stamina for some reason. Often felt the need to bring him off for someone fresh. Didn't think he was worth the 100k I got him for, took a 20k profit on him Monday.
  • Jobiwan
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    Wasnt strong for me but put everything away he was super clinical. Low drivens are great too...
  • A_Snipe
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    I'm wondering this too. Or would 7 chem Sanchez be a better option beside Kane?
  • Vflagship
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    He's so uninspiring. Needs at least 2 in forms to start standing out from the rest
  • DustyCards
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    really bad
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    Underwhelming......and I have him untradeable
  • Advait
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    Piece of **** imo
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