EA Failed @ Prime Rio Ferdinand SBC

Requiring an icon prices out this SBC. Typically the market will inflate icon pricing to be double that of their SBC prime, like prime Rui Costa is 1M compared to his SBC which is around 500-700k.

Prime Rio can be bought for 1.4m and his SBC is about 1.2m. I think eventually his price will be pushed higher, but it’s silly considering many pace **** will prefer his baby version because it’s still the fastest version and is half the cost.


  • pekkaa88
    6024 posts Big Money Move
    Yes its "overpriced" at the moment.. But then again, it's not like you ever need to upgrade him to anyone..
  • Lcfc
    2490 posts Fans' Favourite
    Could do him for 650k when scream cards work this weekend
  • TheMightyBee
    2094 posts Fans' Favourite
    Icons are so hard to pack and there is a limited amount on the game, discarding them to SBC is just damaging to the game experience anyway.
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