FIFA is only playable for me this time or later

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During the day the button delay is horrible. I live in Midwest, USA. I guess that makes sense as I have less opponents to connect to as they are at work/school. At night, especially 10 PM on the game is so smooth, fast, responsive.

I guess this proves to me that most of my issues with this game is purely server related, and until the technology exists to connect two people across the world with a playable good experiences will only happen at night.

This includes squad battles too which I don’t get. I guess it’s server overload making everything feel sluggish.

Any similar experiences?


  • Napoli9
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    hit or miss for me. I played a guy in fut champs on sunday and was the only clean (no delay or lag or dirty tactics) game I played. Ended up losing the game but messaged the guy GG . I wish I could do 49 more games of these.
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