Disconnections in DKT?

I've really struggled to win the DKT so far. This is my first year playing FIFA online so it's to be expected and up until this weekend I was playing with a pack only team. I finally splashed the cash and after tearing it up in divisions, I was really excited to give the DKT a go.

I've tried two games tonight, the first was 2-2 in the first half when I got the 'you have lost connection to your opponent' message. It didn't give me the win, and took away my attempt, but I didn't seem to have been disconnected from the EA/Ultimate Team server. In the second attempt, I went 1-0 up early in the second half and before I could even skip the replay, the same message popped up. I've seen people rage quit, you get the pause first, but there was hardly even time for that here, so I don't think my opponent actually quit. This time it did give me the win.

Not sure I want to risk more attempts now if the servers are having issues. Anyone else getting similar?
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