Abit of help with CT/instructions please - 41212 2

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I need to play more games to improve, I've barely been playing this year, I'm thinking 41212 2 has to be my formation, I need 3 Cms so I don't get dominated and I need 2 strikers to create a threat

What is the best set up for this formation please ? Instructions, CT, give me abit of help because I'm absolutely horrendous at Fifa this year


  • Finesse_4days
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    Stay back while attacking on your CDM is a must ,balanced instructions on full backs so they offer some width , but make sure they are 85+ pace so they can get up and down the wing.
    I like One striker on stay Central ( the slower one) and the other on balanced width , with both on get in behind. I have Stay forward on my Cams and balanced on Cms and I know most people have the same.
    Custom tactics is down to personal preference but if you get done by counters and through balls like me, then put aggression and pressure between 35 and 45 , and never play offside trap.
  • AnDrEwThEdOn
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    Strikers - Get in Behind, stay central, press back line

    CAM - Stay Forward

    CDM - Stay Back, Cut Passing Lanes

    that's what i use
  • Bowden92
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    Thanks to any input, honestly everything gets read and considered, I'm in need of tips
  • Bowden92
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    Any more input before I get home and have a few games
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