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Point of chemistry?

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Get rid of chemistry in fut


  • Mosaaab
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    Yes it becomes very ridiculous .. everyone copy these you-tubers .. no creativity at all
    I used to learn from my loses .. but if I am going to face Jesus and Bakayoko in every much .. what is the point?

  • sheffutd87
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    They don't need to get rid of it. They need to rework the system. The system has been the same for years and it's got a bit stale and there are too many flaws in it.

    Scrap it completely and people will play with 10 90 pace wingers.

    Players in real life can often play multiple positions. They should either allow multiple positions per player (maybe with different ratings on each, i.e. The same as the futbin pitch diagram) or they should spilt players into defenders, midfielders or attackers and then they can be used anywhere within that section of the team.

    There still should be chemistry links imo as it adds something interesting to the game.

    They should totally scrap chem styles though as everyone just gives their players +10 pace.
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