Players run right pass the ball !

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Why do players run right pass the ball on defense ? All the other player has to do is slow down even if your inches from them your player will run right pass the ball like he is the stupidest most uncoordinated player in the history of pro sports. Even if your hitting the tackle button with perfect timing. A 50 year old professional golfer could play better than these idiots. What have you done EA why can't you make them play like pros ? This is the professional level of soccer/football right ? How long we gotta put up with this **** (slang for feces... I hate censorship) before you do something ? ???!!!


  • Gunin
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    Why do the players try to tackle the air when the ball is right there ? Sometimes they even make the move after the other player is gone ? WTF EA ?!
  • CoachDavio
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    How about when I pass to my high rated 99+ positioning player and he just runs past the ball? Would you believe it always happens when I am winning at SB. And that’s why I quit playing them
  • scrubosaurus
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    ppl complained about ai defending, now ai is just there, standing, doing nothing. i dont like ai defending, but i prefer fifa 17 defending compared to what it is right now...
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