57-2-0 Online Seasons and won division 1 (video)

Hey guys,
I've played a lot the last few days trying to win all the divisions (I started in div 9 though) without losing. And I made it!

With 57-2-0 I did it!
Here is a video of my last match and record (at the end):

Now I will try to get 100 wins with no losses. Also, if you are having trouble with corners, you can check my way of doing it in the video.

What is your best record in online seasons?


  • TacticalTugTeam
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    Nice record lad you should be aiming for Top100.. It's not easy going 50+ games without a loss, I've been away and haven't played much of FIFA18.

    However I've played some games since i've been back & 18 for me is probably the worst FIFA i've played in terms of skill.. skill moves are worthless there isin't enough advanced skill in the game.. passing is still far too easy, the Auto- AI Actions etc.

    I hated 17 but 18 is even worse.

    With the the latest game update E.A have just catered to the casuals once again this game is a joke in terms of competitive FIFA.

    Don't get me wrong if you're good at the game then you can still win the majority of your games but in terms of a skill-gap 17 & 18 have the smallest skill-gap, 16 it was much bigger.

    Are you going to aim for Top100 in Head2Head Seasons? I've been Top100 in Head2Head Seasons in FIFA15, 16 & 17 this will be the first year I won't be playing it seriously I have over 1M Coins in FUT but i'm too busy at the moment maybe in FIFA18 I take FIFA seriously again.

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  • PG13
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    Well done amazing record. did you use real madrid all the way through? I won div 1 in my 18th season. Was in div 2 for like 6 seasons then finally made it to div 1 then won 7 drawn 2 for the title. My record is something like 90 wins 15 draws 40 losses.
  • I'm 33-0 Currently on FIFA18 but I played 700+ games on FIFA17 and that game wad bad with Auto Defending.. even with the bad gameplay but FIFA18 gameplay is awful lol
  • Daveyb
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    He cheated
  • Daveyb wrote: »
    He cheated

    Who cheated?
  • jamiebbbbb
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    What formation, tactics & instructions did you use?
  • Guys there is only 1 legit person that is undefeated without using glitch methods or cheats. His record is 100-0-0. If you want to know who it is then you can see him in drop ins late at night or sometime during the day playing pro clubs as a GK in a striker position.
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