Main Problem of Fifa?

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I'm playing mostly offline. But if this get fixed, the online experience will be much better as well.
The main problem imo with Fifa is that Player stats do not really matter. The outcome of a certain action depends more on the situation than the player stats. Some examples:
  • If you are outside of the penatly box on the right side, you just have to aim to the left side, shoot and you will score. It does not matter if your player is Bronze with 30 shooting or a Icon with 90 or if a Bronze is in Goal or Manuel Neuer
  • If you are inside the penalty box, you will not score from certain positions with certain shots. Goal keeper will safe it (sometimes with a super safe), not matter if bronze or Icon keeper
  • Certain passed in certain situations will be intercepted by defender always / 100% (especially through balls). No matter with which player (30 or 90 PAS) and also it does not matter in which direction you aim
  • My players always run behind defenders (that defender can intercept the ball) and not in the free space. No matter if Gold or Bronze
I do not have a problem when things like this happen. But it should respect the player stats when it comes to probability if this happens. I think this is the main reason why people say the game is rigged or scripted. I really do not feel a difference if I play against a 60 rated AI team or a 86 rated. This should not happen.

So EA seems not to be able to program a AI which is really clever so they just implement this "scripted situations" and the "AI cheating". But come on. We are in 2018 and the engine seems to be the same as in 1996... Please fix this

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    this is the problem with FIFA their programmers cannot program a realistic football game everything is preprogrammed like you describe and then at certain points no matter what you do they will score it is terrible
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    Please use the main thread in general discussion called fixfifa.
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